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Welcome to Heaven on Earth

This book began when I started to draw angels for my friends just for fun. It is said that each of us has a guardian angel assigned to protect and guide us through life, and I would ask myself what a personís angel might look like before beginning to draw. Each angel, like each person, was very different.

It was not that I was seeing an angel, as a visionary might, these were just my feelings translated into a drawing for the person. As time progressed, I found I could get more detail in these angel pictures when the person read to me from the Bible or from an inspirational work. Why this is so, I cannot begin to describe, but the angel pictures went from being portraits of the face alone to full body pictures and sometimes included more than one angel.

After doing several hundred angel pictures and much prayer, I got the idea that I should do a book for all the people I would never get to meet. This way, the beautiful and friendly angels that were appearing in the pictures could touch lives far afield from me. I felt the best way to do this was to draw a new angel for each week, making 52 angels. Then the lives I could never touch would still be given the opportunity of adopting one of these angels.

This assignment was more difficult than I thought it would be. Not only did it take longer than a year to complete these pictures, it also took weeks, and not days, to complete some of the pictures in this set. Some weeks I might be able to do three angels, and other weeks I had to work on just one. The amount of detail and shading that it took to bring the angel out from a flat piece of paper was very time consuming.

I did not give regular names to these angels, like John or Sue, instead I chose to name these angels for ideas. I came up with a list of 52 ideas that angels might like to express to us, such as love and harmony. Then I looked to find a Bible verse with that idea in it so that I could meditate on that verse before beginning to draw the angelís picture. Using the King James Version for my source of Bible verses was a challenge. Some words we use today were expressed very differently in 1611, so I resorted to a computer program and several study aids to track down the best verse to express the idea that the angel represented.

After working on the angel pictures over a year, fifty-two pictures were completed. I then turned to the task of writing down all the feelings that these angel pictures represented. Again, I turned to the Bible for aid and realized that each angel brought forth seven Bible verses, not just one, making this book a work book for a whole year. I resorted to Strongís Concordance to trace the original meanings of Greek and Hebrew words translated in the King James Bible.

I also used Naveís Topical Index to find ideas I was looking for, and Matthew Henryís Commentary to make sure I understood the meaning behind a verse before I wrote anything about it. Rather than preaching to you about what I think each verse means, I ended up writing questions for you to answer for yourself. At least take the time to seriously think about these questions. We must ask questions to be able to learn and discern the difference in the absolute truth and personal wishes.

In short, the angels have taught me a lot about the Bible, about who God is, and even more about my belief system this past two years. I now have a deeper conviction that God is love personified. I know that Jesus is a very real person who is present on earth in spirit, and the Holy Spirit is Godís breath that he has placed within each of us. These are some strong beliefs. They are not off a televangelistís program or the result of listening to the same preacher for years. These beliefs are mine because I came to my conclusions about what I read and understood from the Bible.

Therefore this book is my attempt to give each of you the same opportunity that I had to read and feel the Bible for myself. This way you can build a foundation for a faith that will withstand any troubles the world may devise to shake that foundation. May your holy temple (your personal belief system) be strengthened by this book with its many angels.

God bless every one of you.

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