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Irish Angel for St. Patrick's Day

This Irish Angel may be used for your email or instant messenger to send a St. Patrick's Day message to your loved ones or for your personal web page. You need to save this picture to your own computer because I will remove it when I change angels. Please link your website back to It is the only "pay" that I get. Thanks!

If you want to use this image for a commercial purpose or to reproduce in print or on any object, you must contact the artist for permission first.

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St. Patrick's Day *Just a quick note about the St. Patrick's Day Angel on this page. Some of my ancestors came from Ireland. I like to think that their creativity was handed down to me, along with a love for the angels. I drew her as if she was day dreaming about what she was going to do next. Do you suppose it was something serious, or was she about to play a joke on a leprechaun? If you like it, let me know!
-- Constance, AngelArt Gallery's WebServant
Why does this angel have a written warning on her? Would you believe that someone actually stole this angel and was passing it off as if they had drawn her themselves. It was very disappointing and I almost decided to shut this site down as a result. I have been paid and given exactly $000 for all these angels since 1995. That is 12 years worth of free page designs! Some of you write to thank me. Others have asked for permission to make a printed copy. This particular angel is my most popular one. She has appeared on a book cover for a minister who works with teens to get them off drugs, a church poster in Africa, a church bulletin in a convent, and on numerous personal web pages. I have also denied the right to put her on T-shirts, wood christmas ornaments, and metal ornaments and to be part of a logo for a business. So, I will still give her to you IF you tell me how you are going to use her image. I am going to try this for just a month and see if things get better. Having your freely given art work taken is a real bummer and I have other uses for my time these days. God bless all of you who have asked for permission.

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