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As you can see, this is our newest department. These CDs have been picked out for our internet angel friends who love music as much as we do. Links below take you to where you may purchase the CD/tape or look for more. Your support of this service helps keep us online.

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These CDs offer classical music which creates an atmosphere like heaven in your home or office and even on the road.:


Vocals in traditional tunes often remind one of childhood and happy times. Like a "chorus of angels" these CDs feature singers whose angelic voices would make a good addition to your collection.


Remember the band from the late 50's and early 60's called the Angels? For a trip down memory lane, follow this link:


I just could not resist adding this category for this single album of country songs that all concern angels. Country music is such a part of our culture that it is a special kind of folk music. Here it is:


I just could not resist adding this category for this single album of jazz that appeals to upbeat angels. Jazz was the music of my elders when I was growing up, but this is such an entertaining album I decided to include it for ambience alone. Here it is:


Why do I include New Age here? New Age is a music genre, not a belief system when you are talking about music. I like it because I find it relaxing and inspiring. Also, most of what I buy has no words and makes perfect background music while I am working. Click here for some of my favorite musicians:

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