Angel Art

by Constance

AngelHeart is a surreal portrait of an ephemeral angel whose wings radiate the colors of the rainbow. Rather than being a portrait of a human with wings, this angel is an energy form. The position of the arms forms a heart, showing that the prayers of an angel are done with love.

If you would like your own portrait, you can commission one by contacting the artist.

This picture is 8.5" x 11", framed in oak under glass. This angel is now part of a private collection. Sorry!

Treasures From Heaven Online

We are posting a different chapter every week from Treasures From Heaven. You will be able to download this chapter for your own use and to give to family and friends. (You may not reproduce this book for sale as all copyright rights are held by the author.)

Any of you interested in starting a chat group to discuss the questions in Treasures From Heaven, please contact Constance Johnson. Be sure to specify which days and times you could meet.

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