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Welcome to AngelArt-Gallery's Sky Views

I have not been able to find many good pictures of clear sky with fluffy clouds out there that would make a good backdrop to any angel pictures I want to make. So, my neighbors who watch me must be thinking I have lost leave of my senses as I have been going out when the weather is beautiful and taking pictures straight up of the blue sky with little clouds. Some of the pictures have a tree or two for a border. Others have some roof tops that crept in. All you will have to do is crop the picture or use just a portion of it. I have made a picture to share with you of my son and nephew taken right after Adam received an award at college for excellence in Biblical Studies. Vince is also a student so he deserves a halo too, like all the saints.

As always, I ask that you use these pictures for your own personal use, or for a charity. No commercial or multiple reproductions. These pictures are for showing on a monitor and will NOT print out well.

Please write me and let me know what you think of this new section of the AngelArt Gallery.

God bless,
Constance Johnson
AngelArt Gallery Webmaster

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Cousins Adam & Vince
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